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what has made seavo the leader of the x86 motherboard industry for 28 years?
why do some customer say "the quality of seavo has become legendary"?
what enables seavo to always resolve technical problems in no time?
what has made more than 50 listed companies choose seavo as their partner?

during the past 28 years, dramatic changes have been happening within china's it industry. seavo teams have been leading the whole process while attracting some of the top customers from home and abroad. seavo has accumulated in-depth understanding of industries and profound experience in solving motherboard problems. our teams are our main assets as well as the source of our confidence.  
seavo has the unique experience of being an industry leader for 28 years.
mr. wu fulu, founder of seavo technology, is acclaimed as the father of the chinese motherboard. 

seavo history

within seavo technical and management teams, 90% of our staff come from the top universities of china such as: tsinghua university, university of science and technology of china and fudan university. we also have 9 professor-level senior engineers with over 15 years of professional experience working on our smart and efficient research & development process.
seavo is devoted to cultivating masters. we enable very talented people to enhance their value and lead a high-quality, fulfilling life in the long-term and peaceful process of creating the best products and services for customers.

seavo mission

for 28 years, we have developed more than 400 products. tens of millions of appliances are stably running on seavo motherboards all around the world without interruption 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even under harsh environments such as high temperature, severe cold, high humidity, vibrations or dusty. 
we have been awarded more than 70 technology patents and our products has won the reputation of "stable and reliable" among users.
for continuous innovation, seavo provides an atmosphere where engineers have freedom to enjoy r&d, pursue scientific theories and climb to new heights.

product center

seavo explains stability with its annual returning rate as low as 5‰.
every day, we are thinking about how to produce more stable and reliable motherboards without increasing the purchasing cost of users. in order to do so (almost to the point of paranoia), we insist on keeping processes under control by systems. we assign the best staff to take care of the links that are most likely to incur potential quality risks and strive to resolve as many issues as possible within seavo. all efforts are made to ensure the continuity of high quality products in each batch that is delivered to customers.

seavo quality

all the seavo service & support staff hold on to the belief that our success lies in the fact that there are no problems with the end using of customers' products. they believe that they should make any efforts to move customers by their sincerely responsible services.
no one will be pleased to face problems or troubles, but seavo's customers are pleased by their extraordinary experience with seavo's services.
with durable, dutiful, direct, delightful service, no customer complaint of service quality; no critical technical problem unresolved.
this is the concept of no-worry 4d services that built on "responsibilities".

seavo 4d services