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continuity of quality
according to our experience, product quality should be guaranteed by enacting proper management systems. seavo upholds the concept of "continuity of quality". we do so by emphasizing process formulation and downplaying human factors; emphasizing the possession cost of users and downplaying the manufacturing cost. we emphasize quality throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from components selection to after-sales service. we pay attention to each detail in every step of our work, making no compromises for technical or quality issues.
  • iso9001:2015 quality assurance system implemented.

  • annual returning rate: 5‰ on average and 1‰ at minimum.

  • 4,000 reliability test items conducted for motherboards.

  • three-level inspection: incoming quality control (iqc), production process management and outgoing quality control (oqc).

  • automatic quality-inspection logging system ensures that no motherboards with defects be shipped out.

  • production components approval system ensures quality by tracking materials from the source.

  • the "quality & efficiency management team" (personally led by president) ensure that quality issues get the highest-level technical support.

  • special tests for vip customers

agreement of non use of conflict minerals

these minerals derived from the democratic republic of the congo and its surrounding countries, such as tantalum (ta), tin (sn), gold (au), tungsten (w), and cobalt (co), are classified as particularly restricted conflict minerals. because the sale of these minerals may provide financial support for the ongoing armed conflict in these countries. the metals exported by the following countries are not in compliance with the “conflict-free mineral policy”: congo (kinshasa) and its surrounding nine countries are angola, burundi, central african republic, republic of the congo, rwanda, south susong, tanzania, uganda and zambia.
seavo strengthens supply chain management, does not purchase or support the use of these conflict minerals, requires all suppliers in the supply chain not to use or purchase these conflict minerals, and requires suppliers to extend this requirement to lower-level suppliers.

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