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this is a country full of hope, where people can use hard work and wisdom to build their future. we live in an era full of opportunities, where people can create fantastic fairy tales by taking advantage of the information technology revolution. i am lucky to witness and experience the gigantic changes of this era. 

as a naughty and wild child, i was the leader of the children in the neighborhood. while feeling the joy of playing with friends, i also learned what it meant to be trusted by partners. later, while many advancements were happening in the sciences, i discarded the dream of a young music lover and began to anticipate the future of becoming a scientist.

after four years of college education that advocated diligence, honesty, determination and care, i came to shenzhen in 1988. shenzhen was a hotbed for entrepreneurs. i was busy, confused, accumulating and thinking. in 1992, i accidentally entered the field of the it industry, computer boards & cards. with the enlightenment of entrepreneurship, i made the first fortune of my life.

in 1995, the zeling team (where i devoted all my efforts) made its first presence in the computer market of china. we had developed the first 486 motherboard of mainland china and become close partners with lenovo, founder, tcl and haier. this helped the zeling team advance very quickly. i also got to experience the fun of a start-up business and the joy of success.

in 2000, the development of zeling reached its zenith. however, beneath the surface of prosperity hid the fatal crisis of a corporate system. unable to compromise or insist on reality, i chose to retreat. the marriage and divorce of assets and technologies kept repeating themselves. later, like a waning star, zeling gradually dimmed……

as resentment and pride began to fade, i began my self-examination and retrospection……

in 2003, thanks to an invitation of people within the industry, the support of my old staff and, most importantly, the special emotional bond between me and the computer board & card industry of china, i re-established my start-up business with a more mature and thoughtful team. because i had inherited the tradition of professionalism and dedication from zeling, as well as integrated a sense of responsibility and mission, seavo (renamed from zeling) was reborn!

we are confident because of our comprehensive mastery of board & card technologies, our in-depth understanding of product quality, and our accurate detection of user demands.

we are calm because we are well prepared for the loneliness that comes during technological innovation as well as the challenges that come during harsh market competition.

we are peaceful because we are mature psychologically after the hills and valleys that life has brought.

 “our hair turns grey as time goes by but our initial aspiration has never changed”. today, with our technological expertise and our sharp perception of the future, we are doing the utmost to present our thoughts and innovation in seavo products as perfectly as possible. everything we do is to touch users with each detail of the seavo brand! 

i believe the day will come when we walk peacefully on the top of the mountain, above all the clouds and mist.

—— seavo chairman mr. wu fulu

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